O2 Sells HTC One X + Phone Sans Chargers In A Bid To Reduce Electronic Waste

O2 has joined hands with HTC in a bid to reduce electronic waste and now it is making this dream a reality. The UK mobile service provider is now encouraging its peers and other competitors alike to follow the same steps and protect the environment from pollution and excess electronic waste. It is asking other competitors to sell mobile phones without chargers.


It was three months that O2 took the step to sell the HTC One X+ with a USB cable to stop handsets from losing their batteries. There was of course no compulsion for the buyers to buy the mobile phones at that time and abide by rules laid down. In case they wished to buy a charger they could get one at extra costs. There are statistics that reveal that there are over 100 million chargers that are unused in the nation. In fact, this amount is so huge that they are enough to fill 4 swimming pools at the Olympics if they are thrown in together. The weight adds up to 18700 tonnes that is again equal to 1000 buses in the UK weighed together. Even the copper wires are long enough to spread over 124,274 miles!

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