Nokia’s New Smartphone Is To Debut With The Name Of 909

Only few days are left in the release of Nokia’s new Smartphone and before that a new news is circulating about this Smartphone. Popular twitter @evleaks has disclosed that a renowned and high-class camera mobile Nokia Lumia EOS 1020 will make its debut in the name of 909.

 Nokia’s New Smartphone Is To Debut With The Name Of 909

There is a speculation that the brand wants to keep these name “909” due to the company’s earlier flagship camera phone had a good camera and it is known with the name of 808. We can trust upon the information that has been revealed through @evleaks because it has good record of giving genuine news especially when it comes to the names of the Smartphone.

As per the rumors spread the new phone will feature 4.5-inch AMOLED HD (720p) display, which will run on Windows Phone 8 OS immersed with Amber update. Beside this it is expected that the phone will consist of advanced camera app known as “Nokia Pro Cam” which will successfully uplift your photography experience. The phone is expected to have 41.0-megapixel camera.

 There are other striking features of the phone, which makes the phone exclusive among others. The device is set to have 1GB RAM along with an inbuilt memory of 32GB. The look of Nokia 909 is unbeatable as it is designed with polycarbonate back panel countering an Aluminum chassis on the side. All this turns the looks of the Smartphone into a complete metallic finished shape.

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