Nokia X: The ‘So-Called’ Android Offering That Will Make Some Noise

Nokia X is one of the most awaited mobile handset of the year. It is recently launched in the market. It is once scarped as the Microsoft has taken over the project. It is rumored to be launched from Nokia six months back. The rumor has come true at last with the Nokia launching their flagship product. At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain it is presented to the world.



It is made to cater the needs of the budgeted customer.  More number of customers will be enabled to buy a smart phone with the introduction of Nokia X in the market.

Display and design quality of Nokia X is similar to Asha and Lumia. It is a good quality product from Nokia with a remarkable build. It has a unibody construction with a removable back cover. With the help of the removable back coved, it is possible to avoid gaps in the device. Various color co ordination is available in this device. Nokia X is available in the colors like red, green, black, white and cyan.  It is an apt device for sophisticated customer.

4.0 inch IPS LCD screen has been incorporated in the device of Nokia X. It has a 3 megapixel camera. Speaker grills are used for listening to music. In the right side a volume rocker with a power on and off button is situated. The left side of the hand set has a clean look.

It is slightly heavy weighted set that goes well with the display of the handset. The viewing experience of the customer will improve with the 4.0 inch IPS LCD display. It is a handset that is great for indoor as well as outdoor viewing. High level of contrast level is provided to the customer to suit their viewing experience.

Regular Gorilla Glass Technique is not used in this handset. Therefore it is prone to scratches and marks.

It is one of the best priced phones available in the market for the budgeted customer. The technology of the mobile devices has come a long way. The brand of Nokia X has not lost its quality. With Nokia X, it is proudly holding its position in the market.

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