Nokia X Phone To Provide Google Services

Nokia is ready to announce the launch of its first range of smartphones based on the Android platform soon. This range of phones will be known as the Nokia X family and they were the subject of much discussion at the Mobile World Congress 2014. These phones will have the ability to run Nokia and Microsoft Services and support Android Apps.

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Nokia dumped many apps of Google for making way for the services of Microsoft like One Drive, Bing, Skype to name a few. This also means that the Nokia X phone will also be giving users to the Google Play Store. Nokia made an official announcement that the Android Apps for the Nokia X platform would be made available from the Nokia store and via third party application stores.


In just a week an XDA Developer Kasha Malaga has claimed to have rooted the Nokia X to operate on the Android OS platform as well as other services of the store. Malaga has claimed that the Nokia X phone has been rooted in five different ways. He also has posted a 24 second video that shoes the Nokia X is operating on the Android OS system of Google. The default custom skin of the Nokia X phone has been replaced by the Google Now Launcher.


The video also shows the Nokia X running Google apps and other services like Play Store, Gmail, Google Search, Hangouts, Chrome, Maps and the like with Nokia and Microsoft services. These services include and cover Mix radio and Nokia Music Player along with others.


Currently there is also no word from the Company if the phone is going to be locked before it hits the market. The salient feature of this phone is that it has the ability to customize Android platform. The user will have access to the UI that is a Metro inspired one and can also get access to the own store of Nokia. There is also no direct access to the Google Play users are able to take Android Apps from any of the third party sources available to them.

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