Nokia Windows Handset To Be Released In November

Nokia is all set to release its Windows handset in the month of November. It is anticipated that the phone will be released throughout Europe. There are many executives of Microsoft who will be flying down for the brand’s world event scheduled to be held next week. Mobile enthusiasts are expecting that the Windows phone handset will be released at that point of time.

"Nokia Windows Handset "

It was early in this month that the b rand had another upcoming phone in the news. This phone is called the Sun and pictures of it were also leaked on the internet too. The name of the phone is Sea Ray and it is rumored that this is the brand’s first Windows handset that is going to hit the market. The Nokia Sun is expected to hit markets in the month of November in France. The carrier launching it will be Orange. The Nokia Sun is a phone that will have a 3.7 inch AMOLED display. It will sport a 1.4 GHz processor as well. This phone is said to be the flagship mobile of the brand and it is targeted at those who are under a budget and need a good and sturdy phone.

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