Nokia Will Disclose Cheap Touch Screen Phones

In the United States of America Nokia has presently made a spatter with the premium windows phone, Lumia 900. With the inauguration of brand new three inexpensive Asha handsets, the company reveals that they are yet dedicated to the less-end global market. The trio of GSM phones, Nokia Asha 311, Nokia Asha 306 all these entire model will run on Nokia’s proprietary S40 Asha operating system. This phone assists tiny 3-inch low-resolution WQVGA (400*240) LCD screens.

The Asha 305 and Asha 306 utilize the resistive technology, as an alternative of the more responsive displays has been initiated in the contemporary smart phones. The Asha 311 is outfitted with an industry standard capacitive screen. These entire phones will feature twitter as well as face book apps. Nokia map Plus has a list of forty full games from EA games pre-installed. In order to display the capacitive screen the Asha 311 will possess angry birds on the board. These models are directly designed at prepaid as well as emerging markets, which will only have the lowest prices, as these do not include carrier subsidies to match. Nokia anticipate the Asha 311 to retail for 92 euros, these means in theUSits price range will be $115. On the other hand, Asha 306 will run for 68 euros, these means in US$85. These two handsets is prepare to launch in the market by third quarter of 2012. The less price model Asha 305 will come on the store earlier in the second quarter of this year.

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