Nokia Slashes Plans To Launch X7 Phone On AT& T

Nokia has decided to withdraw the launch of the X7 phone on AT& T and this has raised a few questions on the strategic weakness of the major mobile brand. Nokia had intended to launch the phone at the Mobile World Congress that is scheduled to be held in Barcelona in Spain. The cancellation has come as a rude shock and the brand has once again displayed poor show in the US market.


This comes an an unprecedented move by the phone major as it has earlier officially announced that its Smartphone X7 is going to be officially launched on the AT& T platform.  This step of Nokia would have been the first since the Microsoft Corp’s Stephen Elop took over as the CEO of Nokia since September last year. The brand is currently far behind its competitors when it comes to releasing Smart phones via major telecom carriers in the US. The brand had in the past made an attempt to rectify this flaw but it failed and its competitors like HTC, Samsung and others have surpassed it. In the US market Nokia is far behind and this is the reason why the company needs to take appropriate steps and correct this weakness if it wishes to move ahead and remain a leading mobile manufacturing brand.

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