Nokia Nuron 2 Cancelled By T-Mobile

Its was only last week that Nokia had cancelled the launch of the X7 on AT& T and now there is another Nokia phone that is in the pipeline for cancellation and that is the successor to the popular Nuron-The Nuron 2. This cancellation has been done by T-Mobile. The expected Nuron 2 would have been a rebranded version of the Nokia C5-03. The c5-03 is a phone that is currently available in Europe and it has the features of the the S60 5th Edition and a 3.2 inch touch screen display that is resistive.

The screen has a resolution of 640×360 along with a 5MP camera minus flash and video recording. The phone has the features GSM EDGE support, Triband, 3G and other advanced features. The launch was fixed for the 4th of February and training would have been started soon. The cancellation of the phone is considered to be a strange move as the first Nuron was considered to be one of the most popular and in demand phones in the US. There are rumors that the cancellation of Nokia’s X7 may have prompted the move by T-Mobile. The cancellation close to launch is bad news for Nokia as it is currently facing a decreasing market share in the USA.

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