Nokia N9 To Be Replaced By Nokia’s N950

If you had been pinning your hopes for the MeeGo empowered N9 there is some bad news and some good news. Well, let us start with the bad news and that is that Nokia is no longer going to come out with the N9. The plans have been sent to the bin and there is now intention as of now for the device to surface in the market.

"Nokia’s N950"

Now, it is time for the good news and that is if you are already disappointed you have reason to smile again. The N9 is being replaced with the N950 and it is going to be released this year. Currently there are no confirmed reports of its exact specifications. There are certain suggestions that state that this MeeGo Smartphone will be one that will sport a 1.2GHz processor and there are rumors that it will have a 12MP camera.

In the meantime Nokia has increased the salary and the bonuses of the engineers and the developers that are currently working in the MeeGo segment. The first MeeGo phone is going to be the N950 and it exact release date has not been disclosed. There are rumors that this handset will have the same features as most of the phones that are currently available in the mobile phone market.


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