Nokia N9 To Be Launched At The MWC

A recent Twitter chat has revealed that the Nokia N9 is going to be launched in the Mobile World Congress in February and this herald’s great news for those waiting for the first MeeGo handset by Nokia. The Nokia N9 is going to be launched at the MWC in 2011 and this is good news for those mobile lovers who are waiting for the launch of the successor to the N8. The pictures of Nokia’s first MeeGo handset reveal that the phone is a smarter and slimmer version of the N8. The features of the phone will be advanced and at the same time it will carry 64 GB of storage.

The phone will also have a 12MP camera along with 1 GB of ROM. The new handset will launch the beginning of the brand’s plans for both MeeGo and Symbian and it has been announced in the month of December by the company that the Symbian would be used only for the future business handsets that are going to be launched by the company. MeeGo will only be used in the high end handsets that are being used by the company and this also signifies a brand new start between Nokia and Intel.

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