Nokia N9 May Not Launch In UK

According to the latest reports the ‘all-screen’ N9 which is the latest handset by Nokia may never land up in Britain. This handset has managed to stir a lot of interest among people and has also received positive reviews. However it seems that the N6 is going to be the only handset by Nokia that has an operating system called MeeGo. It has been reported that Nokia will be launching its first Windows Phone 7 devices in the last quarter of this year because of which analysts are questioning its commitment to MeeGo.

"Nokia N9"

Nokia has refrained from making any comment on this issue but from the website of Nokia’s N9 it can be understood that UK would not be seeing this handset anytime in the future. The phone has made its arrival in Singapore and other countries to get the N9 are New Zealand, Malaysia and Australia.

Nokia has launched a number of new handsets in the recent months which include the N9 with an “all-screen” design. In place of the home button of the phone is a universal ‘swipe’ gesture with which the users can get back to the devices main screen no matter wherever they are in the operating system.


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