Nokia N8 Ranking In Decent Sales Ever Since Its Release.

Nokia is still much behind in the Android market however there is good news for the mobile manufacturer in the mobile handset market. With the release of its flagship mobile handset the Nokia N8 the company has managed to make decent sales of the units ever since the phone has been released in October 2010. The above has been confirmed by a Finnish website called Inderes Oy and this in turn clearly reveals that the brand has faced considerable success with this phone ever since it was announced across the globe. In addition to this the brand also recorded their highest pre-order demands for the phone and the brand has also sold around 14 million units in the last quarter. This is encouraging news for the brand.

The Nokia N8 has just made decent sales with its release and it is one of the best camera phones that are available in the market today. The market for the phone has been very encouraging in the nations of India, UAE, Finland and Malaysia. This phone is one that can be afforded by many users and this is the reason why it is considered to be a widely sought after phone in these regions.

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