Nokia Lumia 900 Review

Despite being the world-wide leader in mobile phone sales, Nokia has struggled to make a breakthrough in the smartphone market. The same can be said for Microsoft, who despite having produced a stylish and easy to use operating system, have seen Windows Phone struggle to make an impact. However, with their recent phones, the Nokia Lumia 710, Lumia 610 and Lumia 800, the Finnish company have begun to fair much better. The Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone is the flagship phone in latest range and is looking to build on the steady momentum that Nokia have generated in over the past year.


Nokia has managed to combine good looks with solid build quality in the Lumia 900 and it is a phone that feels sturdy and comfortable in the hand. Available in matte black, cyan and pink, the Lumia’s squared off corners and chunkiness makes it feel like a phone that can handle itself. The exact measurements of the phone are: 127.8 x 68.5 x 11.5 mm, making it slightly thicker than a lot of new phones we see coming in to market, and at 160g it is also a fair bit heavier.


The Lumia 900 has a nice 4.3 inch display that suits the phone perfectly and feels like the size that all screens should be. The AMOLED display has a resolution of 480 x 800 and 217ppi, this provides great clarity and excellent detail. Colours are also vibrant. The screen handles web browsing, apps and video very well, although HD content is not great.


As seems to be common with top-end smartphones, the Lumia 900 has an 8-MP primary camera. Nokia has a very healthy reputation for producing top performance cameras in phones and this is no different, taking quality snaps with minimum fuss. A dual LED flash helps the camera to perform better in low light and as always Carl Zeiss optics is included. There is little in the way of features with the camera, but 720p video recording has video stabilisation which is good. There is also a front-facing 1.3-MP camera that can take care of video calling needs.


The Qualcomm APQ8055 Snapdragon single-core 1.4GHz Scorpion processor is certainly nothing to threaten the quad-core monster found in the HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S3, but it performs its duties fairly well. All the regular tasks (web browsing, social networking, using apps, listening to music, etc.) can be carried out with ease and no lag. There is 512MB RAM and 16GB storage. The biggest disappointment in the hardware is that there is no microSD card slot included. 16GB does not go very far these days, so this is a big limitation.

Operating System

This being a Windows Phone means that it runs the Windows Phone 7.5 Mango operating system. The OS is elegant and intuitive and worthy of more praise than it receives. It makes the Lumia 900 a very simple and smooth phone to use and has really slick menus. The OS also comes with some pretty useful apps, such as Nokia Drive with downloadable maps and the much improved Nokia Music. The Windows Phone Marketplace has a wealth of other apps but is still a fair distance behind the iOS App Store and Google Play.


The battery is a great feature of the Nokia Lumia 900 and at 1830mAh is able to run for more than a day under constant use. Like many new smartphones, Nokia has opted for a non-removable battery, this helps in its increased performance capacity.


This is good looking handset with decent hardware and software. It performs well, has a good screen and excellent battery. If you are looking for a Windows Phone, this is the one you should buy.

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