Nokia Lumia 900 And 610 To Come To Italy, Mexico, And Brazil

In all probability, it’s more comfortable to buy low-end and mid-range smartphones without a contract. Sim free phones don’t bind you by any obligation to a carrier, thus you’re free in your choice. On the whole, the market is abound with Android-packed mid-range smartphones – the HTC Desire sim free offers won’t let you just pass by and look for other handsets. But as Nokia has entered into a close-in fighting with its high-end Lumia 900 and low-end Lumia 610, the carriers and manufacturers have to think of reducing their phone prices.

Nokia Lumias are sent not only to the UK, the US and other markets of the major league but also to many other countries. Among those countries we have Italy, where the Lumia 900 is offered for €599 ($764) with a €99 ($126) pre-order fee/deposit, while the Nokia Lumia 610 is getting pre-orders at €199 ($254), with a €49 ($63) pre-order fee/deposit.

The next country is Mexico, which has already announced about the Lumia 800 and 710. At the moment it is waiting for the Lumia 900 and 610. Unfortunately, no details are available.

Finally, Brazil is going to release these two handsets sometime in the near future, because both handsets have passed through Anatel (the country’s FCC equivalent), so their arrival is unofficially confirmed.

A look at these offers shows that Nokia and Microsoft have taken the wheel in their hands, and Android must work hard to preserve its current authority.


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