Nokia Lumia 800 Review

Many users and mobile critics feel that lately Nokia has lost its touch and that the company is nowhere in the competition as the real competition is happening between Apple and Samsung, but the fact is that Nokia is always working on better technologies that can make their smartphones even better than what the market has to offer. Now, Nokia comes up with their new Windows smartphone called the Nokia Lumia 800. However, many critics still feel that Nokia Lumia 800 does not have all the features that is required and that Nokia has just rushed through the market to make their presence felt.

Nokia Lumia 800 Hardware

Nokia has always made their impact when it comes to hardware and with Nokia Lumia 800 they would like to make a statement in the market. However, Nokia Lumia 800 looks very simple and many people might not be impressed with it. The exterior is made from polycarbonate unibody but it is certainly not the slimmest phones in the market. However, credit goes to Nokia for making the Lumia 800 as one of the best looking phone that can withstand pressure and tough conditions. The body can take some tough beating and still look clean and the Corning Gorilla display will never have any scratches on it. Nokia Lumia 800 comes with Qualcomm MSM8255 single core processor which makes this Window smartphone better than other smartphones in the same range.

Nokia Lumia 800 Display

The all new Nokia Lumia 800 has 3.7 inch AMOLED WVGA resolution that makes the screen resolution better than other smartphones in the same range. Although, there are other smartphones that have the same screen but Nokia has made some changes to polarization filter which makes the screen visible even in broad sunlight. The anti-glare polarization option in Lumia 800 makes this smartphone better than the other smartphones in the same range. The touchscreen is very responsive but the brightness of Lumia 800 is not that great when compared with Nokia N9 that rocked the market earlier.

Nokia Lumia 800 Battery Life

Nokia Lumia 800 comes with 1450mAh battery and therefore it cannot beat the HTC Titan Windows phone that has 1750 mAh battery. Nokia Lumia 800 is smaller but it can still manage to do many things that you can think of but the battery will die down by late evening. Hence, if you are using too much of photography and browsing and e-reading then you have to make sure that the phone is charged all the time. With all the options working at the same time the battery can last for two hours and 40 minutes.

Nokia Lumia 800 Software

If you are passionate about using Windows smartphone then Lumia 800 does not disappoint at all. The operating system which is Windows 7.5 Mango provides better multitasking features and therefore this phone is good for those who love to do many things at the same time without slowing down the performance of their smartphone. However, there are certain features that might not look great to users who are used to using Android or iOS operating system. The software is really smooth and easy to operate and therefore you can get all the features at the touch of your finger. You can even control the phone with your voice and with smooth new keyboard interface which makes it easier to type.

Nokia Lumia 800 Camera

Nokia Lumia 800 sports 8 megapixel camera on the rear side and looks very much similar to the N9 camera. The camera has Carl Zeiss Tessar lens and can perform even in low light conditions but still Lumia 800 does not have the best camera pictures so if you are interested in good camera phones then Lumia 800 is not the right choice. You can either use the dedicated camera button or tap the screen to take pictures but the picture quality is not that great when compare with top camera phones. However, when you compare Nokia Lumia 800 with HTC Titan you will find that Nokia Lumia 800 wins the race.


Nokia Lumia 800 is among the most beautiful Window smartphones that you will find in the market but it still does not have some of the top features that Android and iOS smartphones have which is why it will take time for the users to get used to the new Nokia Lumia 800.

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