Nokia Lumia 800 All Set To Get Battery Boost Up Upgrade

There is good news for the flagship mobile made by Nokia- the Nokia Lumia 800. It is all set to get a battery boost upgrade that will enhance the battery life of the handset. It has not been officially confirmed by the manufacturer as yet however a testing carried out by WPCentral has suggested the forthcoming release of the upcoming firmware. This firmware 12070 will improve battery life of the handset three times due to the presence of the hugely idle discharge figures present.

Of late the Nokia Lumia 800 did face some battery problems and this is why the company has decided to address the issue. The present firmware is one that draws about 150mA when the handset is in the idle mode. The pre-released version of the new firmware has dropped this figure to about 80mA. The battery life of the phone has also been enhanced with the better handling of the brightness of the screen. There are also other tweaks that have helped to reduce the power draw when this smartphone is in use. It is expected that the above firmware will be released in a few weeks and when done it will boost the performance of the handset to a very large extent.

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