Nokia E7 Expected To Be Released This Week In Selective Markets

Ever since last year the Nokia E7 is expected to hit markets and consumers all over the world expected the phone to be released by December 2010. Its release date was delayed and even now there is no sign of the phone surfacing. There is good news for people that are waiting for the handset as this much delayed phone is expected to hit the mobile market this week. The markets have not been mentioned by Nokia. This device is one that first surfaced at the September 2010 Nokia event in London. This handset is a slider version that has 4 inch 640X 360 pixels with a ClearBack display.


The ClearBack display has the specialty of reducing reflections that fall on the surface of the screen. This in turn improves the quality of the display that ensures that the screen is clearly visible even when you are in natural light and outdoors. This display improves the viewing angles of the device and the brand says that this has been made in answer to the retina display of Apple. The touchscreen is one that has an accelerometer, light detector and magnetometer. This phone is targeted for businessmen and it is regarded to render them a host of business features in a single device.

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