Nokia E 6-00 Handset Specifications Revealed

One of the most anticipated handsets of 2011 is the Nokia E 6-00. Being hyped as a Touch and Type handset there has been a lot of curiosity of this handset recently. News of this phone has been circulating however no one knew exactly as to what this phone actually had in store. The suspense is now over and recent leaks have revealed some of the unique specs of the phone.

There has been rumored news about the Nokia E -600 surfacing along with its anticipated specifications recently. There have been leaked reports that reveal that the phone is ARM powered and at the same time it has a QWERTY keyboard. The phone has a 2.8 inch touch screen and there are leaks that this phone is going to operate on the Symbian^3 OS platform. The phone is also going to have an 8MP camera and it is going to be a touch and type phone. Additional details of the phone include EDGE, GPRS and Mozilla.

The release date of the phone has not yet been released and there will be further updates of the phone once released. Till date users just have to wait and watch as to what the Nokia E 6-00 has in store!

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