Nokia 500 Now Available In Manila

The manufacturers of Nokia 500 are claiming that would make this particular model available in the markets of manila, Philippines in a few days time. Nokia 500 is an entry level smart phone. It has all the features that you can find in an average smart phone. It has some additional features too. For instance it incorporates the fastest processor to date. Also it has a five megapixel camera to go along with it.

"Nokia 500"

Moreover it is equipped with great music and entertainment software that is the Ovi Maps and you can also get to use the turn by turn navigation.

Nokia has incorporated all the features with out compromising on its quality. It has never compromised with the quality of the product which is why it is still ruling the hearts of the people. They produce the most user friendly phones. Nokia 500 is also an example of that. The user will have least difficulty operating this phone. The Nokia 500 is an affordable option in the list smart phones right now that are available in the market. This is an innovative and interesting smart phone to be easily utilized by the people.


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