No NFC Chip In Apple’s Next Iphone

It has been reported that Apple’s next iPhone will not have a near field communications (NFC) chip. This news comes a year after it came into hearing that Apple has been investigating the usage of NFC chips in its mobile phones. Since then conflicting reports have been emerging about the possibility of this new feature in the upcoming apple devices while some claimed it to be a prominent feature in the new models others revoked the possibility all together. NFC allocates the transfer of data between two devices at short distances of about 4 inches which enables things like mobile payments and data transfer between devices without the need of having a cellular or Wi-Fi network. This works in the same manner as that of a Bluetooth.

"Apple’s Next Iphone"

The mobile payments can affect Apple’s business when it comes to revenues. This could also aid in making it an enabler for the purchase of non-digital items. According to Bernstein’s note NFC has the potential to get revenues of around $15 billion to $30 billion to mobile companies among which Apple’s share can be more than a few billions. However it has not happened for the first time that NFC has been declared a strict no for the latest iPhone model. The reports of the Independent in March had already stated Apple’s next iPhone would not be having NFC because of its patchy landscape.


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