New Windows Phone By Nokia For The AT&T

There have been a lot going on in the domain of smart phones by all the major phone manufacturers all over the world. Every mobile manufacturing giant is trying to create the best innovation to make an impact on the common mass. Nokia has come up with some things similar to this idea. This is an effort on their part to make the competition at par with the other major mobile phone manufacturers like that of Apple or Google.

Nokia has announced that in the coming months it will be unveiling it’s new Nokia Ace which is a new smart phone down the pipe line. Nokia Oyj will do the unveiling on behalf of the AT&T Inc. The mobile engineers at the Nokia manufacturing center claim that this is the first ever Windows Phone by the Finnish Company to have used the next generation wireless technology which in other words is termed as the long term evolution  or the LTE technology. The new
Nokia Ace has been designed to run on the latest version of the Windows Phone soft ware, t has been also pointed out the manufacturers are thinking of fixing the price at $249 which would be made available to the common people with a 2 year contract.

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