New Next Generation IPhone Case Hints At 4 Inch Display

People are eagerly waiting for the arrival of the new next generation Iphone this October. Apple has been tight lipped on this device and currently there is no news from them. We have to wait for the next release date of the device to find out more on this widely anticipated phone. There has been a number of rumors that has had us speculating on what this next generation iPhone may be like however the surface of a next generation iPhone case in the UK has hinted that the new device will have a four inch display.

As of now no one knows what Apple will name this device. There is anticipation that Apple may call this new phone the iPhone 5 or just keep it short and simple calling it the new iPhone. This is however not important. What is important is how well this new phone performs against its competitors. There is anticipation that this phone will have a quadcore processor along with improved graphics, increased storage on board and 1 GB RAM. It will also have a 12 MP camera along with a very thin profile. This upcoming device is also expected to be lighter than its predecessor.

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