New Angry Birds Go Announced For Blackberry, Android and Windows Phone

Rovio has finally announced the arrival of “Angry Birds Go” for Blackberry, Android and Windows devices. This is a unique “Mario Kart” game exclusively designed for this devices for die-hard fans of the iconic game. Rovio has launched the game however it does have its fingers crossed to check that not too many comparisons of Mario Kart have been made. Right now it is hard to say if the game looks like a Nintendo game. There are many different platforms and characters the player gets to choose from.


There are more coins for the gamers to collect along with the echo of bananas and blue shells that ruin the friendships in “Mario Kart”. The player will also get a number of special powers like the chance to change a car into a rocket or a bullet as per the preferences of the players.

Rovio recently in a blog post told gamers to look out for opponents that are mischievous, roads that are treacherous and unique special powers to place the race leader behind the pack. Everything is there with air tracks and crazy stunts. The game will be available from the 11th of December on all of the above devices and its downloading will be free. There will also be in application purchases available for the gamer!

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