Music Video Shot By N8 For The First Time

There have been recent talks about Nokia going in for great deals with Microsoft and the brand really has a wide range of attractive handsets in the pipeline for the market. These handsets have a great deal of multimedia features and one of them- the Nokia N8 has been used to shoot a music video. The editor and the videographer of this music video Kyle Roberts made use of the device to shoot Denver Duncan’s music video. The total end results of the video have turned out better than what was expected.


The video that has been shot is one that is smooth and also well lit. There are many people who are behind this video and they do not know on whether to give credit to the phone or the process of editing. There are many people who believe that it is the former that did the trick. Another major contribution to the music video was the 12MP camera that the phone has along with its sensor. There were certain behind the scene clips that were shared by the director and he said that the device was mounted on a bracket and a tripod along with some other fixtures in order to get the required shots.

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