Motorola Phone Pictures Leak!

Google is on the way along with the mysterious Motorola X phone that perhaps will make its appearance soon. There have been new images that have been leaked on Twitter and these pictures display a different device than the older offerings of the Motorola device. There are leaked photos and other specifications that have to be taken at present. These pictures however display no Kevlar back like the other trademark Motorola phones. This is more polycarbonate than the other textured backs. This phone is still a prototype assumption and the Kevlar back may be following suit soon.


There are other assumptions when it comes to the speculations of the Motorola phone. This phone is anticipated to have a 720p display and measures approximately 4.7 inches. This screen size has assumed to be the ultimate version of the phone. There are rumors that the screen may be switched to a 1080p one. When it comes to MotoBlur you will not find that anywhere in sight. There are rumors that this phone may be heading towards becoming the next Nexus phone. It sure promises to be a premium device with a price tag that is high. Time will tell and so till then let us wait and watch.

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