Motorola Motoluxe XT685 Smartphone Hits China

Following the footsteps of its predecessor ZTE N880E Smartphone, Motorola Motoluxe XT 685 has hit China. It is different from its predecessor as it operates on the ICS OS and fans have the option of picking up the device in brown and white.

This smartphone has a high resolution and a 4 inch display dominating the front panel. The thickness of the phone is about 9.8 mm. It has an asymmetric design and has WCDMA + GSM dual mode standby capabilities. Users also are able to employ these features to select data plans and network providers to cut down on the expenses.

Users can click pictures with their 8 MP camera that has a unique snap feature that can be used for road trips and picnics. This camera is located at the rear end of device. Motorola is currently focusing on smartphones that push boundaries, technology computing power. The new Motoluxe XT685 has set a new standard of power, style and value. There is a notification light that blinks to notify users about emails, texts and calls. This new device has an Ice Cream Sandwich platform and it gains steam from a CPU that is a 1 GHZ enabled one.

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