Motorola MC 2100: The New Low Cost Rugged Phone For Rough Use

In the competitive world like today no mobile manufacturing company wants to stay behind. Every one of them is incorporating new ideas so as to get the people attracted towards their product and get hooked on to it solely. Hence the new endeavor by the Cell giants Motorola the MC 2100 is an example of that only. It is a light weight and rugged handset designed to with stand the harsh handlings of the cell users. The design of the phone is just about the size of a TV remote control gadget.

All the phones in the MC line of the Motorola phones are designed for the business and industrial uses. There are three separate versions of the bar code of the device which are featured with a numerical key pad that is positioned under a 2.8 inch touch panel. The phone runs on the Windows CE 6.0 and it has been ruggedized with a four foot drop, so even if you drop it often nothing will happen to it. The phone supports an 802.11 b/g/n. it is also among the first phones which will be a low cost rugged hand held phone which is enabled to support HTML 5. It is also among the first to be marketed through the help of Motorola’s Rho Elements application frame work.

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