Motorola MB520 Photos Leaked

Some photos of the smartphone Motorola MB520 leaked in the web. he phone is also known under the code names Kobe and Diablo. Unfortunately, the photos are of low quality, but there is still something, we can see.

It seems like the smartphone has no keyboard, and most of its panel is the touch screen, under which the touch buttons are placed. Motorola MB520 Kobe runs Android 2.1, has a MotoBlur interface, and it’s supposed that the OS will be upgraded to the newest vbersion – Android 2.2.

The technical specifications of the device are not known yet. The model most likely refers to the average and is unlikely to be expensive.It’s not known when the new smartphone will go on sale. But judging from tha fact, that the phone runs Android 2.1, the release will be in the near future. In the US the phone will be available via AT&T.

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