Microsoft Facilitate The Developers Move To Windows Phone 7 From Ios

It is being announced by Microsoft that a tool has been released by them, which will help the developers drift their applications from iOS for Windows Phone 7. They have also mentioned that there is no such magic stick that will do the work for the people; they have worked in such a way that will make the process less difficult. Microsoft mentioned that this tool will work just like a dictionary.

"Windows Phone 7 "

Mr. JC Cimetiere said that the developers can also search a given iOS API call and locate the equivalent WP7 along with the sample codes of C# and the API documentations for both platforms with the help of this tool. This sample codes will help the developers to drift the “short blobs” of their iOS code. The developers will specifically look at the iOS API calls and search for the equivalent methods, classes and notification events for Windows Phone7. There will be three API that can be mapped. These are: User interface, Network/ internet and Data Management. Though all the APIs cannot be mapped yet but Microsoft has mentioned that they are working on this. They have also mentioned that they are working for Android on similar tools.


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