Manage Your Tweets With Blackberry’s Seesmic

In this age of social networking and tweeting you always have the desire to keep in touch and update friends and family with your status wherever you go. The task is not a difficult one if you have the right device that helps you to it. One such device that will ensure that all your tweets reach the people you want is Blackberry! Thanks to a novel application called Seesmic you can now manage all your Twitter accounts easily and that too without hassles!

"Blackberry’s Seesmic"

If you happen to be a fan of Blackberry you can now mix business with pleasure as the above application renders you with a single platform to do just that! With this application the user will be able to avail the benefits of grouping all the Twitter timelines into a single application. The user gets the benefits of checking the timeline of contacts, viewing a list, locating a private conversation, checking saved searches in a single click. There are also the additional benefits of updating the social networks of the user with Facebook, Tumbir and Linkedin through the platform. The application is one that will be run in the background and will alert users when there are any direct messages or replies that need to be brought to the attention of the user.

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