Make The Nokia 1520 Your Proud Possession.

It can be said that Nokia 1520 is the best handset in the year of 2013 presented to us by the Nokia Company. The hardware alone which is used in the handsets of Nokia 1520 is of an exceptional nature. The elegant screen and an amazing camera are all a part of the handset.


The Nokia 1520 is quite lustrous and has a brightly coloured polycarbonate body. It has a twenty megapixel resolution. Also it has to be said that the Nokia 1520 as an incredible six inch 1080p IPS display. And this display is enclosed in a 162.8 into 85.4 into 8.7mm polycarbonate shell. Though it is not heavy to look at this is one smart phone set to wow the mass. This smart phone has the ability to spread out up to 64 GB microSD storage has impressed a lot upon the crowd patronizing music. The Nokia 1520 has a capacity of capturing vibrant and detailed images. Nokia uses the split imaging technology that has been initiated in the Nokia 1020. Shooting videos with Nokia 1520 is a great idea because it rarely returns a hazy shot. Though it has to be said that the keyboard is huge and its size could be reduced easily.

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