Luxury iPhone 4 Amosu Diamond Spider: access the “inaccessable”

The iPhone 4 is an exquisite gadget indeed and is a muse for many designers. You may remember the iPhone 4 Diamond Rose made by Stuart Hughes.

This time  the famous British jeweler Alexander Amosu introduces a diamond-encrusted iPhone 4 with some exclusive features.

This new limited edition iPhone 4 comes “with 846 VVS1 F color diamonds totalizing 5.66 carats” – and you get to choose the diamonds’ colors – black, white and any other you may want.

But it doesn’t end there. Every iPhone 4 Diamond Spider will come with a special golden number of your choice (the example given being 07XXX 111111). The price will also include a 24hr global concierge service, which promises to access the inaccessible for you.

Only 10 iPhone 4 Amosu Diamond Spider handsets will be made

The luxury phone will be available in the UK, Monaco, the UAE, and Nigeria and will cost £15,000 (about $23,570).

Here is the promo video:

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