Losses Rise Blackberry Delays New Device

RIM or Research In Motion has taken a step back in the launch of its next generation Blackberry device. The Blackberry 10 mobile handset will come into the market in the first quarter of 2013. In another significant move Blackberry has revealed that it has faced larger than expected losses in this quarter.


According to the mobile manufacturer the integration of all the Blackeberry 10 features into the brand new operating system had proven to have taken more time than anticipated, Despite the above the Company, according to Thorsten Heins, Chief Executive, the RIM group still remains dedicated and committed to complete the entire Blackberry 10 platform. The Group also s hopes to license it to its partners.

The above huge losses have been a major setback for the Company however it has pinned its hopes on the turnaround success of the new operating system. There are hopes that it may hit markets late this year. This has triggered off speculations among analysts about the survival of Blackberry as an independent company. When questioned on whether the design would be out of date by the time it reached the market, the Company stated that it has made a platform and not a device. The Company is confident about its success.

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