Limited Edition Of HTC Droid DNA Revealed On Verizon

There is great news for Verizon employees waiting for the limited edition of the HTC Droid DNA. As promised by the company employees are getting their first device like in the past when they received the flagship company of HTC in the form of the Droid DNA. This unique device comes with an exquisite red color that no person outside the company can buy. Both the companies have taken a bold step with the red stripes present on the previous handset now stretching them around the entire back of the phone.

It was in November that this limited edition would be available for Verizon employees. At that time the company also revealed that HTC was gearing up for a Droid DNA special edition device besides the Windows Phone 8X. The limited edition of the Droid DNA will not be available for the public in general. This device looks great and this handset has a special imprint for employees of Verizon.

There is also a special serial number for these devices as well. There are rumors that a similar version of this device is scheduled to hit Japan in the near future. This news has not been announced by the company as of now. This is an international version of the J Butterfly that comes with free wireless charging features as well.

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