LG To Host Mysterious Event On 7th August Possibly For Optimus G

LG is all set to launch an event on the 7th of August and there is anticipation that this event will be organized for the new Optimus G phone. This event will be hosted in New York City and people are awaiting this mysterious event by the company. This event may follow the recent teaser images of both LG and Qualcomm joining hands together for the Snapdragon 800. This event is considered to be an event that will focus on the smartphone however no official news have been revealed by this phone as yet. For news of the price and availability of the phone it seems that we all have to wait till the event is launched. It is anticipated that the device will arrive in summer.

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LG of late has also decided to drop the Optimus name from its high end range of devices and smartphones. This brand name will be used for the middle range handsets that will come in the market. It is now following the footsteps of Samsung and now looking for a brand name to attach to its higher range of devices for marketing and creating a brand presence in the market to compete with its other rivals.

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