LG To Dump “Optimus” From Smartphones

LG is now all set to drop the Optimus name from its range of smartphones due to it poor performance against competing with the other known brands of the smartphone market. This handset manufacturer is currently facing some hard times despite the fact that it has a number of real products in the market. The company is now in the process of rebranding their products to be blessed with a new appeal for company.


The company has decided to dump the “Optimus” tag from its handsets for the time being. There are no plans however to completely dispose the name but it will be used for the budget range of products that will be used by the company. The name will not be used for the top end segment of the products and the company is now on the verge of finding a new name to replace Optimus. The name will be limited to low to middle end devices only. Samsung has made the Galaxy name a hit with all its devices launched with the name tag. LG is also following suit and looking for a name that will successfully give the company a boost from the falling status that it is currently being faced with now.

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