LG Optimus 2X Pre-Orders Available On Vodafone

If you have been eyeing the new LG Optimus 2X for a long time you now have the chance of getting its pre orders on Vodafone. This handset is one of the first mobile devices that sports a dual core processor and this makes the device a very fast one. It has Android 2.2 out of the box technology and it also promises an immediate upgrade to Gingerbread. It also has the positive points of having a UI that is refined, a faster keyboard and a support service for video calling.

"LG Optimus 2X "

The user can use the front facing camera for the video calls. The phone is one that also has a 8MP camera with a 1080pHD video capture. The phone also has a 4 inch touchscreen that gives you a cinematic experience. With this device you are able to get access to the Android phone market and get access to above 200,000 applications. The LG Optimus phone is one that has really exciting features and if you are willing to get them pre-order today! The phone is available on a pay monthly basis wityh Vodafone and the prices begin from £29.17/month and there is also a cashback that has been claimed for 13 months at half the price line rental cost.


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