LG Isai FL now spotted in pink

It has been confirmed from an authentic source that LG Isai FL is coming with a flagship product. It is a G3 flagship product from the Japanese counterpart of the company. With this new phone it may be possible to have an ensemble of pretty pink that can be accompanied with this pink device. It may add a new style to the character of the user.



Previously, LG Isai FL has been available in the colors like blue and white. However now it is time for pink. It has been expected to release in color like gold as well. It must a stylish and slick handset for the sophisticated women in the party circuit. It may become the ultimate need of every woman to have a pink phone.

It is expected to be launched on 1st May. Fashion conscious people are waiting for the launch for this premium handset from LG for a long time.  It may go on sale from July.

LG Isai Fl has been expected to come up with a LCD panel of 5.5 Inch. It is much similar to the G3 from the same brand of LG. A 2K resolution is also incorporated in the device as well with IPS technology. It has been seen that LG is adapting the techniques of Sony and Samsung in order to create a buzz in the market.

It is believed that future devices from the brand of LG may come with IPX7 certified water resistant technology. Android Kitkat 4.4 system may be used in this device to enhance the credibility of the device in the market. It may also have 2 GB RAM. The device may be clocked at a speed of 2.5 GHz with the help of Snapdragon 801 SOC. It is a high end product from the brand with all the latest technology.  It is also believed that 805 chip may be added to device for the benefit of the user. The device may come up with storage capacity of 32 GB. A micro SD card may be added to the device as well.  The battery power of the device may be enhanced with the 3000mAh battery.

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