Leaked Images Of Nexus 7.2 Pictures Leaked

Pictures of the next generation 7.2 have leaked on the Internet again and this time it reveals a design that is a tweaked one. This device is big in size and the top and bottom panels of the device have been enlarged for the convenience of the user. The Nexus logo is one that has been engraved at the back of the phone in vertical letters and there is a small Asus logo that is underneath it.


The plate at the back of the device appears to have eradicated its golf ball like texturing and the silver band in the original Nexus that is black or has been darkened. There are features that are evident in the leaked photos that have a rear facing camera that sports a 5MP Camera. Dual speakers also enhance audio and notification lights that are both welcomed by both new Nexus owners and fans. This device is a promising device that is anticipated to catch the attention of the user. We will wait for more news of the device in the coming days to come. Let us see if this device wins hearts and becomes successful like the other Nexus gadgets in the coming months.

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