Latest Update on Samsung Galaxy S5

From the early news we know that Samsung wants to include 8GB LPDDR4 chip in their handset. They have already announced that they are seriously preparing to update this chip in their mobile. According to the 20nm processing system 4GB LPDDR4 will be the total combination of these four chips and there have no doubts that this would be more powerful and effective chip then LPDDR3.


Samsung has decided that they will include this power pack in their upcoming creation Samsung Galaxy S5. After release the announcement about 4GB LPDDR4 chip viewers are little confused that from which flagship handset they will get this power chip. But now according to the Korean news it has come that Samsung include this advantage LPDDR4 memory in Samsung Galaxy S5. Most of the people are there who are thinking that how Samsung include this memory chip in Galaxy S5 because it has already announced so if they do that they need more time. But Samsung said that they are ready to provide the huge production on 2014. According to the rumors Samsung Galaxy will be launched in March or April 2014, so developers can get an enough time to include this LPDDR4 memory chip. So viewers should ready to buy this handset and enjoy the LPDDR4 memory chip with an extra power.

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