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The mobile creek is a one stop for all the latest and the newest of all news in the mobile world. Here you will find updates about each and every phone including the ones in the drop down menu. Here are just to name a few – android, Alcatel, Acer, Apple and AT&T, Blackberry, Google, HTC, Nokia and much more. Scroll through the list to find information about any mobile phones that you are looking for. They have all the necessary updates and archives that have the older news. If you are looking for old news for some reason, you can find that through the archives. The archive goes back all the way till 2010. Anything before that, you have do a thorough research to find out.



If you want your ad to appear on the website, you need to write to us. You could email us and we will get back to you. Any kind of advertising request should come through us. The latest news of the webpage is windows software that upsets Nokia Lumia. The new icon Smartphone provides you with many features except the fact that they run on windows and are known to be running on the windows software. There have been no updates as developers do not like the new Nokia Lumia feature. But the Nokia X has collaborated with Android to bring that feature into attention for this new Nokia phone in store.

The phone might act as a flagship phone. The phone has a lot of features including being a Smartphone and high speed data transferring ability over the LTE network, fast processor, long lasting battery, 5 inch display and resolution. Nokia has finally managed to provide you with android technology on their phone. What more could you ask for? It also has a super sharp camera and is easily the best one in the stores. The shutter speed, focus and balance are the main objects in its camera feature. They comprise of 4% of the Smartphone market and are ranked third Android and Apple occupies the 1st and 2nd position.

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