Krusell: TOP 10 Selling Phones of 2010

The Swedish manufacturer of carrying cases for portable devices Krusell regularly announces which devices sell the most accessories. Krusell’s list is unique due to the fact that it reflects the sales of phones in six continents and in more than 50 countries around the globe.

A few days ago Krusell has summed up the 2010 year. And here is the list of the best selling phones of 2010:

  1. Apple iPhone 4
  2. Nokia 3720 Classic
  3. HTC HD2
  4. Apple iPhone 3G/3GS
  5. Nokia E52
  6. Samsung Galaxy S (I9000)
  7. Nokia 6700 Classic
  8. HTC Desire
  9. Nokia 6303 Classic
  10. Samsung B2100

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