Know More On Verizon’s First 4G Mobile-The HTC Thunderbolt

The first 4G LTE mobile has been launched by Verizon and users do not have to wait for the Consumer Electronics Show to be held next week for its release. This is good news for those who are on the lookout for owning a 4G technology phone. The phone is the HTC Thunderbolt and it is a phone that promises the user great looks and unique features.

The HTC Thunderbolt is a phone that looks like the Evo 4G device on Sprint and it will be supported by the 4G LTE network of the mobile carrier. The phone will not use the WiMax 4G network. The 4G LTE device that has been introduced by this mobile carrier resembles the first 4G device of Sprint i.e the Evo. The Thunderbolt also has a 4.3 inch screen like the Evo however nothing has been revealed as yet about its internal specifications. There is anticipation that many dual core mobile phones will be available for the consumers at the Consumer Electronics Show that will be held in Las Vegas next week. It is expected that the full details of the HTC Thunderbolt on Verizon will be revealed at the forthcoming event next week.

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