iPhone Welcomes iCloud To Overtake Android

In a recent announcement Apple stated that it is ready to roll out salient software upgrades in the forthcoming developer conference scheduled for next week. These upgrades are believed by some analysts to give Apple the lead in its hot arms competition against Google’s Android.

Apple announced that its CEO Steve Jobs will be at centre stage at The World Wide Developer conference scheduled to take place next Monday to represent the powerpacked Mac OS 10.7 for computers and iOS 5 for the iPhone.

The most powerful upgrade that the brand is going to announce at the forthcoming conference is the service named iCloud that will have the ability to mesh Macs, ipads and iPhones together. The iCloud is being dubbed as a revolutionary upgrade that will create a huge impact in the consumer electronics arena. In fact, it is being termed as more revolutionary than the fifth generation Iphone!

This of course is nothing new to Apple as it has the history and the repute of shocking its competitors with new enhancements and developments on a regular basis. Only time will tell how this new development will be successful or not in its race to overtake the large Android market of Google!


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