Iphone Users Can Now Check Into Google Iphone Application

The Google Latitude for iphone applications have been upgraded by Google and now users can check into the places where their friends are. Google also introduced the Google Places for the iPhone in 30 languages. This new feature will be available to about 100 million new users. This check in feature of the company was launched for the Android Smartphones in the month of February. This feature will help users to find restaurants and other places from their mobile phone.

"Google Iphone Application"

With this feature users can check whether their latitude friends have checked in and if they have they have the choice to join them. This feature also gives the option to the user to update the location of the user so that when a user leaves a place he/she will be checked out of the feature automatically. Google has been working on the above for a long time and now users of the iphone have the ability to use their check button and begin to check into places. They have the option to upgrade their status to that of a regular, VIP or Guru for visiting the places they want to frequently. For those iphone users in Austin users can get access to and claim offers at over 60 shops.


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