Iphone To Get Goflex TV Application Soon

The iPhone is one phone that really has a number of applications coming up for it regularly. Now this popular phone is all set to receive another application and that too by Seagate. This is great news for those people that are the owners of a Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex TV.

Owners of the above TV may have seen that the company has recently launched Pandora and this has added to its channel lineup. Seagate has officially announced that it is going to unleash an iPhone application that is going to be absolutely free. This application is schedule to be launched at the end of this month and it will allow the user to control the box with the aid of an iPod Touch or an iPhone.

The GoFlex TV is one that has received positive reviews from its customers   and it also has features that are similar to the Roku Player that also has Netflix streaming capability too. The device has also been designed to play video files from Seagate GoFlex drives that have the ability to be put inside a slot on the device.

There is only one minus point of the GoFlex and that is that it does not support Wi-Fi and you will require controlling it through the application of the iPhone only when it is connected to the home network and you have a wireless router with you!

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