Iphone To Get Better Panoromic View With Galileo

The iPhone is all set to get a better panoramic view with the Galileo accessory. This will provide users an easy pan-tilt view giving them the ability to have the video conversations thy need by controlling the orientation of the device. They can also record live footage as well. This device is going to operate on the iOS platform and it is going to be installed in both the iphone as well as the ipod.

This new application has been developed by the designers that are behind the Gorillapod. The Gallileo is an application that has the capability of giving to its users a 360 degrees pan and it also tilts at a speed of 200 degrees every second in any kind of orientation. The application will also work for the 9.7 inch screen of the Apple tablet. This means they can control the rotation or tilt of the device remotely without hassles at all.

The application has been designed by Josh Guyot with the motivation to video chat with his son while he was away from home. It was the lack of control and visibility when talking to someone far that compelled him to make this application. According to him it is frustrating not to get the vision desired and Galileo resolves this issue to a large extent.

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