IPhone Sales Drop As Samsung’s Android Domination Rules

There are about four Android phones shipped for every iPhone in the second quarter. This was revealed by the research firm IDC on Wednesday. This is in a ration of about 205 to 1 in the same period last year. The success of these Android phones of Samsung has helped the operating system of Google to extend its dominance in the Smartphone market. It has been revealed that Samsung along with other phone makers have already shipped about 105 million Android smartphones in the quarter of April-June.

This means that Android today holds about 68 percent of the mobile phone market. The statistics last year was 47 percent. The above profits have come at the expense of these Blackberry phones that have been made by RIM and the Symbian phones made by Nokia Corp. Each of these phones had witnessed a market share drop of about five percent. Nokia is currently making smartphones using the windows system of Microsoft Corp. The market share for Apple’s iphone fell to 17 percent from 19 percent. The Company has shipped more iphones just over a year ago. Currently Apple holds the second place in the smartphone market behind Samsung and it is anticipated that the figures will improve after the new iphone is launched this Fall.

Another large factor for the drop in iPhone sales is their slow release speed. With companies such as HTC and Samsung constantly releasing new mobiles they are abale to be upgrading their hardware constantly. Whether you are using your phone for utility apps, music, the internet or Canadian online casino games such as blackjack and keno the constant upgrades in your phones processing speed is defiantly going to steer you away from choosing the iPhone that is only really updated once in a blue moon.

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