Iphone Gets Scosche RDTX-PRO Radiation Detector Application

Apple is headed towards a good cause as its iPhone has been endowed with the Scosche RDTX-PRO Radiation Detector Application. The brand has plans to contribute $10 from each purchase of the device towards charities that are targeted for the tsunami and Tohoku earthquake victims. Apple has a mission to collect about $1 Million dollars for this noble cause.

"RDTX-PRO Radiation"

The RDTX detector application that has been launched for the phone has the ability to identify the gamma radiation that is above 60keV that is within +/-5 percent accuracy. The device can be used long with the iPhone via the dock connection. This device also has an extra benefit of being used as a radiation alarm that the detector can render to the user. This functions on an AA battery and it provides the user a radiation detection of up to 96 hours.

Julius James a Radiation Specialist of the Fluke Global Calibration Laboratories stated that the performance of this device is an impressive one. Its accuracy and performance is commendable. This detector has the advantages of being smaller and also is available at a much lesser price.

IPhone users will be informed on how to download the radTEST application after the device is attached to their phone. They will get a meter display that provides information of a safe green display, a higher yellow display and a dangerous red display. The results can also be shared via Google Maps and the social networking sites of Twitter and Facebook. The device is currently available for $329.99 at Synexx in Tokyo.


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