iPhone And Android Now Gets Spotify Applications

Spotify has publicized some of the major updates to its streaming service and its mobile applications. The users will be finally able to make use of the iPhone and Android apps. They have also mentioned that you would not get access to the Spotify library on the go in the same way they would until and unless they were a premium subscriber.

"Spotify Applications"

This new applications allow the users to wirelessly sync their own MP3s that they have imported to the Spotify desktop player from Windows Media Player, iTunes etc. basically this application replaces the phone’s default music player, however it also offers a wireless syncing service that is similar to what Double Twist has done on Android phones for ages at the present.

The Spotify player is compared to the bog standard Android player. This will make phone like the INQ Cloud Touch that features the Spotify application as its music player, a more attractive intention too. The other exhilarating news is that Spotify is bringing a ‘playlist purchasing’ choice to the table. It is set to be compressed later as the part of an automatic update.  In the blog post Spotify it is being mentioned that the prices are cheaper than the standard iTunes by a pretty wide margin.


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